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Selling Lead

Sell New Automatic Ventilating Fan

[ Updated: 2017/04/25 ]
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Sell New Automatic Ventilating Fan

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We, ROBOTECH are one of the professional fan companies in the field of industrial and domestic fans including variety of motors based south korea. All products have supplied to the worldwide with superior technology and good service.

Our special product is focused on Automatic Ventilating Fans with superb blades. Kindly find the comparison with other traditional shutters as below.

- Shutters break often.
- Shutters reduce ventilation.
- Shutters get rusty.
- When the electric power is off, conventional shutters stay open, letting dust and insects enter freely.
- When running, regular shutter fans spread dust into the air and accumulate dust particles behind the shutters.
- On ordinary fans, closing the shutter after running just creates more dust.

- No need for additional shutters.
- Shutter maintains good ventilation.
- Even if electric power is off, the blades close automatically with no need for manual control.
- Simple to operate: When turned on, the shutter opens to become the blades of the fan.
- When off, they automatically form a closed shutter.
- It is easy to connect the unit to thermostats, gas detectors, etc.
- The blades close completely, forming a shield against insects and unwelcome odors.

For your more information, you may visit our website. Believe our new products range would be led your business to be profitable.

Your honourable response would be always welcome.
Quantity 20ft CNTR
Package Robotech Standards
Valid Until 2007/08/26

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