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Robotech Fan and Blower General

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Robotech Fan and Blower General

Robotech was established in 2002 as one of Korean professional fan and motor companies based korea. Since it was started,the company was oriented to export worldwide including Middle-east, Oceania, Asia and South America countries.

The products were first ranged into motors, domestic ventilating fans and industrial fans. In 2003, the company developed high efficiency and low cost of bldc motor affiliated with other korea hi-tech company first in korea. December in 2005 robotech lunched another division, electronic division with on-line shopping mall and its product range was expanded into desktop computer, notebook computer, CRT monitor, LCD monitor, components, accessories, consumable supplies including copy paper, ink cartridge, etc affiliated with some reliable companies. The division is goal to enable the intelligent networking of digital products that will be make consumers' lives better than ever.

Robotech relies on its close ties with distributors, oems and large customers to develop products that help them meet their objectives and improve their performance.We are dedicated to develop products that are cheaper and easier to install, use and service, to market our systems more effectively, and to continuously offer more support services.

We cooperate with major research organizations and venture companies. Partnerships with allied industy leaders are a rewarding avenue for technical advancement.

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